Fresh, Healthy Food Straight from the Farm

Our Open Gardens Box System is a partnership between three separate organic farms who have been cooperating together for many years to supply high quality organic vegetables to consumers in the Budapest-Gödöllő area. By working together we can supply the best selection of produce each week to our box customers. Our partnership is representative of our desire  to promote sustainable farming practices through cooperation between local farms.

Our Partners

Babat-völgy Organic Study Garden

We are the organic training gardens of Szent István University. Established in 1998, the gardens have been supplying a wide range of fresh, seasonal, organic vegetables to consumers in the Gödöllo.-Budapest area for many years. We ran one of the first CSA schemes in Hungary, and have always had a commitment to supplying local, seasonal organic vegetables.

Gódor Organic Garden

We are a family farm, working organically since 1992. We specialize in organic vegetables on a larger scale, and are able to supply good quality traditional vegetables all through the year (potatoes, carrots, onions, etc.). We grow vegetables on a large area on the good soils next to Galgahévíz. Our family has grown vegetables for generations.

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