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About Rain

This week's rains are welcome by us. As soon as it starts to rain people tend to get a distorted idea of how much it has rained. Actually, the rains we have had this year are what a few years ago would have been considered normal for an average year. Of course it is rare that rains are spread evenly over the whole year (though on average in Hungary, rain is spread pretty evenly across the year), but climate does very much work in averages, rather than fixed patterns, as we all know. What is clear is that on average the climate is drying out, and despite the good rains we have had this year, if we dig down deep into our soils, they are just nicely moist, not saturated. For those who like to listen to broadcasts in English, I recommend the link below, which is an audio essay by an Irish writer/farmer on rain - now the Irish really do have something to say about rains.

Point of view, John Connell:

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