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Adobe And Agroecology

This week the back of our office building has had a facelift. We love valyog buildings, and one of the great benefits of valyog is that it is 100% recyclable. Logan brought over a few buckets of valyog, retrieved from the Cargonomia house in our street, and together with Csaba, one evening refaced the back wall of the office building (a traditional peasant house). Well done to Logan and Csaba for keeping this respectful tradition going, and for keeping our buildings in good repair. Logan (as usual) has been busy this week.

Today (Sunday) Logan, together with Balogh Lilli (from the Agroőkológiai Hálózat) organised a one day participative workshop on agroecology. This was a wonderful event, with participants from at least 20 different countries across the world (please let's have a photo of an international group). It was great to see the enthusiasm of so many young people motivated to bring positive change to our food system. We talked a lot of the challenges and opportunities for creating agrological food systems - with a focus on how to build up networks, communities and synergies. Zsámboki Biokert hosted the event and works to be a living example of a local agroecological food system - with your help! It is you, our customers and supporters, who through your weekly purchases, allow us to develop and maintain a stable, ecologically-based food and farming service.

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