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An Organic Farmer Goes on a Holiday...

How do farmers take holidays? Some never do, but that usually ends badly. It is always a challenge how to balance the work with having the time to recharge and spend time with family (and occasionally friends). This weekend Kata and I managed to get away to visit the Tánczos family organic vineyard near Zánka at Balaton-felvidék. Kata's sister is a very old friend of the Tánczos family so she's volunteering there this summer. The family has been a loyal customer of us at the box system while they still lived in Budapest, but the last 8 years they have been establishing their very successful organic vineyard in the countryside. It's so inspiring to see how the family business is starting to thrive and not surprisingly, given how delicious their range of wines are. If you are around the Balaton area why not drop by their place for a wine tasting experience?

We have interviewed them about their experiences:

Zsámboki Biokert (ZsBk): Why did you decide to start and organic vineyard?

Tánczos Zoltán (TZ): Quite simply, I love wine! I love wine as a product with fine qualities. Also for us working with the soil, producing something tangible with our own hands is very meaningful.

ZsBk: You are a genuine family enterprise not just with your nuclear family but also working with your siblings - how did this come about?

TZ: Help from my brother and sister basically saved us. They started coming to help with harvesting the grapes and in the meantime they became very interested. Now we depend on them - the project keeps growing.

ZsBk: Where would you like to be in five years' time?

TZ: The same as now, just more stable. We look forward to when we are not always building things up but when the business can support us comfortably. We'd like to get to the point where our focus is on optimising production.

ZsBk: We wish you all the best on establishing the enterprise - you're going in the right direction! Thank you for having the interview with us!

TZ: You're welcome.

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