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Be Blessed or Damned by Fate

On Sunday (30th January) we were hit by the high winds which crossed the country. Unfortunately, the winds did a fair bit of damage to our polytunnels. The middle sized tunnels escaped with the least damage. There were a few repairs to make, but already on Monday we had the propagation tunnel back in operation (important at this time of year, as we are starting up more and more sowings). The large tunnels were badly hit, and we have yet to get to work on repairing them, but luckily the tunnel structure itself was not damaged. The "catepillar" tunnels suffered the greatest damage, but after working on them this week, it looks like we can get 2 out of three back in working order. We are rather proud of our catepillar tunnels, as these are a simple technology, and as far as we know we are the first to introduce them to Hungary (please let us know if you know of other people already using catepillar tunnels). From these winds we have learned something. Basically as soon as strong winds start to blow, we need to take the polythene covers off, and let the winds just blow through. We live and learn!

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