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Bemutatkozunk: Interjú Katával / We are Introducing Our Team: Interview with Kata

(For English, see below)

Folytatjuk tovább bemutatkozó sorozatunkat. Most Katát mutatjuk be, akit már emailes levelezések során már megismerhettetek. Nézzétek meg a vele készült interjút, ahol többek között az is kiderül, hogy milyen összehangolni a család életét a gazdaság életével.

A vele készült interjút youtube csatornánkon érhetitek el.

This week we continue our series of short interview from Zsámboki Biokert staff.  Kata tells us what it is like to juggle home life and life on the farm. You can watch the video on our youtube channel, sadly, only in Hungarian thus is the trasncript below.

Matt: Hi Kata.  How did you first start at Zsámboki Biokert and what were the first couple of years like?

Kata: Hi Everyone!  The first couple of years were very exciting.  I returned from England where I'd studied biodynamic farming.  I wanted to be back in Hungary, and it was good to find Zsámboki Biokert as a place to work.  It was interesting that Matthew had a similar background, having worked on biodynamic farms and worked in similar situations in England - it was good to find each other this way.

M: And what was your role then?

K: Partly doing administrative work for the garden, but the main part was working in the gardens as a gardener.

M: How has your role changed now?  

K: I've got more involved in the running of the box system.  I can see now how important it is to do the best for our children and our family.  So my role is to coordinate the orders,  to work on the marketing of the boxes, upkeep the website and webshop, as well as keeping in continuous communication with our consumers.

M: Great!   What do you enjoy most in the role at Zsámboki Biokert?

K: There is always a huge variety of stuff that needs doing and there are always new challenges to solve.  The work is never boring!  I also really enjoy putting the boxes together.  For me this is a meditative process.  It is satisfying to prepare the boxes with our customers and their families in my mind.

M: That's great.  We all think you do a wonderful job!  What is the greatest challenge for you here?

K: The greatest challenge is that we live on the farm and the farm and family life all melts together.  This can be difficult sometimes - but it is nice to see how our children benefit from this life.  How they interact with the Zsámboki Biokert team, how they get involved and learn from everything which is going on around them.

M:  Thank you Kata.  Szia!

K: You are welcome! Szerbusz!

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