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Bemutatkozunk: Interjú Csabával / We are Introducing Our Team: Interview with Csaba

Frissítve: 2020. júl. 3.

( For English, see below)

Petró Csaba tavaly nyáron jött hozzánk egyetemi gyakorlatára hozzánk - nagy boldogságunkra visszatért hozzánk idén tavasszal. Mindannyian örömmel látjuk Csabát, a lelkesedését, jó természetét és gyakorlatias, praktikus hozzáállását is.

A vele készült interjút youtube-csatornánkon nézhetitek meg.

Petro Csaba came to the garden on a student placement in August last year - and happily for us all, came back in the spring.  We all enjoy Csaba's enthusiasm and good nature, as well as his practical, hands-on approach.

Matthew: Hi Csaba.  You came to the garden as an intern last summer - why did you come back?

Csaba: I saw in the autumn that I learned a lot in a short time, and I thought if I come back for a longer time or for a whole year, I would learn much more.  I would see from summer-to-summer how the garden establishes through the year, and how things come together for and organic garden to work well.

M: What do you like best in the garden?

Cs: The best things for me is that there is always a lot of variety in the work - something new everyday.

M: What are the greatest challenges? Cs: The hardest is when the sun is hot and we need to work in one of the polytunnels.  It is also a challenge for me to balance the other things I do (Csaba is active in the Hungarian Scout Movement) with my work in the garden.

M: What do your plan for the future?

Cs:  I'd like to stay for another year at Zsámboki Biokert - if there is a place for me (Editor: yes, yes, there is!).  After that I'd be curious to see how things work elsewhere on other organic farms.

M: Thanks Csaba!

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