• Matthew & Kata

Breathing In

This is the first week since the beginning of the summer when I begin to feel I can look around a bit, and think strategically about how to get the work done in the garden. Summers are usually a "fire-fighting" exercise, that is rushing from here to there to keep on top of things, or resolve problems. Autumn time is essential for getting our strength back a bit, and focussing on growing the late autumn/winter crops, before we start to get frosts at night. The big consolation, is that with cooler temperatures, everyone has more energy to press on with the jobs at hand. The rains have freshened everything up, and brought the gardens back to life.

This week we have been visited by the 7th graders of the Gödöllő Waldorf School. They harvested the Hokkaido pumpkin and brought into storage via horse-cart which we all enjoyed. Thank you for the help!

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