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This week although it has been cold we have been having some nice clear weather, which helps with the growth of our green salady vegetables, although with the days being very short growth is very slow. We have been taking advantage of the weather to try to turn as much of our compost as we can manage. We have even put in the compost biodynamic preparations to the great delight of Emese and Levente. We can do a limited amount by hand, but not enough to keep up with our needs. Matthew a few months ago invested in a tractor and manure grab machine, which although far from ideal is at least a help in turning compost. Over the last two years we have put in a lot of time and effort to trying to improve the quality of our compost. What we are seeing is that as our compost quality improves so, slowly, does the health and vitality of our soils and vegetables. We still have plenty of improvements to make, but our aims are high when it comes to compost quality.

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