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Composting and Sourdough

Material cycles are also the backbone of our vegetable production system. Nutrients are cycled through crop rotation, seed collection, water infiltration and nutrient cycles (feeding our animals vegetable wastes as well as composting the farmyard manure we have delivered twice a week.). We have always practiced composting but we have just made a step forward so we can turn our compost more carefully which we hope will result in better compost quality and less weed seeds in the compost. More about composting as the weeks go by.

Emese has been consistently doing sourdough bread for herself and family and shared her knowledge with us. The team has become rather enthusiastic in learning and relearning the art of sourdough bread making. As Matthew is out learning and experimenting with the best methods and compostions of compost Kata has been doing the same in the kitchen experimenting with sourdough bread making. It turns our these two processes could not be more intertwined – both need the perfect balance of water, air, fire and earth, inviting in the bacteria and fungi from the environment making the fermentation process. How fascinating a journey it is for all of us on the farm!

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