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Festive Season

This holiday period has been a restful, yet active one for us.  Most of the team have been enjoying time off, to rest, travel, and do the things which bring each of us happiness.  Kata and I have been "holding the fort", which means keeping necessary tasks ticking along (feeding the animals, keeping an eye on the polytunnels, nurturing our sauerkraut, even preparing a few orders for people.  People often ask "what do you do in winter?"  It often surprises people to learn that the really quiet period is really quite short - basically the first two weeks in January as well as the Christmas break we have now.  The early January period, although quiet on the farm, is actually one of the most important activities of the year.  As well as catching breath, we also plan for the year ahead (we start a bit at the end of the year, but usually we are too busy until Christmas to get much planning done).  We plan all of our sowings for the whole season, which helps us to be efficient the rest of the year, and also crucially get our seed orders submitted in time to make sure we always have the seeds we need when sowing are scheduled.  For 2024 we are also planning a good number of developments, which we will keep you informed of, as the year progresses.

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