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Going Out

This week, as usual, was a busy one in the garden, but we found time on Monday (Whitsun) to go for an excursion into the Buda Hills. Júlia, Kata's sister. who works for the Duna Ipoly Nemzeti Park (and also helps pack our boxes!), led us on a wildlife trial, pointing out some of the natural treasures of the Buda Hills. We invited along the Cargonomia interns (French and Czech students), and a group of about 12 of us had a lovely morning walking in nature - the interns enjoyed seeing more of the Hungarian countryside.

On Friday Matthew finally bought a replacement delivery van (with a loan from a kind supporter)! This will make life easier, as since we had our old van stolen, life has been complicated, hiring vehicles twice-a-week for veg box deliveries and going to market. We hope the new van will serve us loyally for many years to come.

Work in the garden continues apace with the season. The polytunnels are now mainly planted with summer crops (tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, aubergines), but there are still beds to "flip" (prepare the beds from one crop to another). This involves spreading home made compost where needed - we are pleased with the results of our own composting. Basil and Mailys were hauling with Sári (horse)'s help.

Source: own photos

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