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Our Propagation Tunnel

Our propagation tunnel is filling up fast with young transplants. Emese is really getting the hang of the propagation work, and over the last few weeks we have made plenty of sowings for seedlings, which are starting to come on. This year the hotbeds have worked really well, combined with a small heated area on one of our seedling tables which helps to get plants germinated. It is a bit of a mystery to us, but this year for some reason a few seedlings seem to be growing very slowly (lettuces in particular) whilst other crops are growing into lovely, healthy young seedlings (onions, beetroot, swiss chard in particular). I think it is probably something to do with this years compost mix, but it is not so easy to identify why some plants grow well and others not so well - we are doing some detective work on this. In the meantime outside works is slowly picking up!

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