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This last week I (Matthew) have been ill. Illness is a chance to re-assess our situation. Happily, I am getting back to health, but I realise how important family and our children are in supporting our health.

These last weeks we have been creating a new meeting space at Zsámboki Biokert. On the face of it, it is just a clean comfortable room, where people can come to warm up during the day when things get cold outside. We have also used the space a couple of times for meetings already. We had Biogazda meetings with all the organic growers at Zsámbok and some others from the area being interested in the subject. We have also started a small group learning and exploring Rudolf Steiner's philosopy, which are helped immensely by Emese, - our latest addition to our team, a Eurythmy teacher - stimulating us with some eurythmy exercises.

Getting the right balance of the physical work of gardening, and creating a comfortable, stimulating work environment is not always easy, but it seems clear that year by year people's expectations of what a good work environment is develop. How to be a rounded human being, and at the same time get the job done?

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