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Rain (?) And the Biodynamic Preparations

We are hoping for rains. This long period of cool drought is starting to show in the garden, with crops which we would normally expect to be hoeing by now, have not yet germinated. We don't see this as a huge problem, but rather as the situation we have to work with this season (every year there are challenges and situations we have to adapt to). We have been able to do a lot of preparation work, getting beds ready for planting and sowing, and many crops have already been sown, though it is possible a few crops will need to be resown, if they don't germinate. This week we started transplanting chinese cabbage and pak choi out into beds.

On Friday we have stirred and sprayed the so called 500 of the Biodynamic Preparations on the farm. This preparation helps improve the structure, fertility, humus content and biodiversity of the soil - and by this the greens growing on these enhanced soils can thrive and be at their best quality.

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