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Towards Winter Solstice

"O Dark, dark, dark,

They all go into the dark,

The vacant interstellar spaces"

(Four Quartets - TS Eliot).

  At this time of year it can feel like we are moving around in the dark - well we are actually - in this advent period as we move towards the shortest day of the year, there are more hours of darkness than light.  Lighting candles in this advent period offers some rays of hope - an inner light.  There is also some hope to be gained, not just that every new day will come, the sun will rise each day, just as it sets - but there is a reassurance in the fact that there is a day and night to the year.  We are approaching the winter's night - and it feels reassuring to have this confirmed this year by some thoroughly winter weather (as I look outside the window).  In these times of changing climate, and the loss of so much natural value, it is a gift to have a "normal" winter period.

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