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TrAEce project

Some of you will remember reading about the TrAEce project which Zsámboki Biokert has been involved in.  This is a project promoting agro-ecology to farmers, especially farmers with larger areas of land. This week last week we had our final international project meeting, hosted in Csíkdelne, a village close to Csíkszereda. Matthew and Logan were both part of the meeting (together with a few other organic growers from our area).  We saw some very interesting practices in Translyania, including traditional dairy pasturing in the Gyimes valleys. The grazing lands and hay meadows are full of a fantastic diversity of wild flower species, which is a joy to see.  Biodiversity is still strong in these areas, but the communities which hold together these practices are quickly changing, as older people slowly have to give up farming and younger people don't see farming as a realistic option for them.  It is beautiful to see these ancient farming systems still operate, and a challenge to imagine how they can be maintained into the future.
More about this project on youtube:

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