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Van and Values

Obviously, the loss of our beloved van and its contents was a big blow to us. To look on the positive side, an extraordinary event like this gives us an opportunity to reflect and review our core values. Most people experience the current world we live in as confusing, often muddled and veering off track. We feel it is really important to hold onto some core values, which offer some stability and sanity. Eating genuinely wholesome food, which we know has minimum or even positive impacts on the environment is one way to stay grounded.

For us, growing good quality, seasonal, local organic food is not just a business, but commitment to a more integrated, whole world, where the food system and the natural resources on which it is founded, remains in a balance and at a human scale to which we can all relate.

Returning to our rocket and Asian greens mentioned above, growing seasonally appropriate crops in unheated tunnels is a way for us to build a self-sustaining system, which maintains itself independent of large inputs of fossil fuels, or other inputs which put a strain on our environment. Once again, thank you for choosing to order from us.

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