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It has been a full week. Despite the continued cool weather and rains, we were able to get a lot done. The garden dried out enough yesterday morning to be able to hoe through the garden beds, before new rains came. Keeping on top of the hoeing is important - not just to keep the weeds down, but to stimulate growth by introducing more oxygen into the soil. There were also many things to be grateful for this week. The rains and then the dry. We had a dramatic storm yesterday, with a downpour of hail - the nemesis of the market gardener - the destroyer of crops. However luckily, the hail storm was short and the hailstones small enough not to cause any damage, but rather to bring a kiss of fertility to the soil. I watched the electric storm from the shelter of our new catepillar tunnel, and while I listened to the hail on the tunnel roof (I was harvesting baby leaf at the time), the Bob Dylan song, "Chimes of Freedom" came to mind. This is a classic song charged and inspired by an electric storm - Dylan weaves together diffuse images of people and places. This week was a week when we had many visitors and volunteers to the garden - everyone bringing their own experiences, and enjoying being able to be outside and free of the confines of the four walls of their apartments. Sometimes when lightening strikes, hail thunders and the earth opens up to a downpour from the heavens, we see flashes of each others lives, jumping up from the garden beds, ringing chimes of freedom.

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