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Water Supply

After last year's extreme (hot and dry) summer, we have had to rethink our water supply system, and for the last 2 months we have been very involved (up to our necks you could say) in water issues. We had a new water storage pond dug out a couple of months ago, and lined with a pvc liner a month ago. This last month we have been working (together with the Waldord students when they were here for their farming experience) to fence the pond, dig trenches for pipes, and numerous other associated tasks. This week, we have had a small, hardworking crew of electricians in to automate the system, to protect our valuable well, pumps and generally get a workable system established. Today (Sunday) we are trying to iron out the creases, so that the whole system works smoothly - right now it doesn't, but I hope it only takes a little bit of tweaking still, so that by next week's newsletter we can report that we have a workable irrigation and water storage system at Zsámboki Biokert - that is the aim. Hopefully after successfuly initiating the system, we can breathe and rest a bit!

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