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We Are Introducing Our Team: Interview With Emese

Emese has been working with us for six months - it's high time you all get to know her a bit!

Zsámboki Biokert (ZsBK): Tell me a bit about yourself, where did you come from?

Emese (E): I have been working in a Waldorf School in Kispest in the last 10 years, living amongst lots of children and adults. I taught Eurithmy, which is a special dancing method and is closely connected to the Waldorf Education. We have been preparing lyrical, musical performances inspired by forms and movements of nature. I worked with all of the age groups from the smallest to adults. I also took part in the school's life, events, celebrations connected to the yearly cycles. I was also a headteacher of a class so I had a chance to have a deeper connection to that class for 5 years. As a Eurithymist I also worked at the Artemis Theatre as a performer.

ZsBK: How did you find the organic movement/gardening? Why is it important to you?

E: With my class in the first year we went to Legénd biodynamic farm for agricultural practice - which we all enjoyed immensely and was a profound experience. We volunteered there for a week every year after the initial practice with a couple of interested students. That's where I realised I wanted to spend more time with animals and plants in nature. I was always bothered by me spending too much time indoors however much I strived to be outside more it was always lacking from my life. Soon I decided I wanted to stop teaching and live in such a farm. When my class finished their A-levels, I said my goodbye to the school and started searching for a place for my new life in nature. Thus I found Zsámboki Biokert and got accepted here to my great pleasure.

ZsBK: What's your task in the garden, what do you do? What do you like most and what are your challenges?

E: Luckily, my tasks are very diverse so each day are different. My main task since January has been to tend to the plants in the propagation tunnel which I love! I also like working with the animals, I love Sari and the sheep, it's so important to have them as part of the farm. I like preparing beds, planting, harvesting and weeding. To me the greatest challenge is how each task changes by the weather. So nothing is the same thus we need to be attentive, sensitive to our surroundings. It's so exciting to learn the many influences on soil health, plants' growth and flavours of the produces.

ZsBK: What are your plans for the future?

E: There is so much to learn, I am fully immersed in my tasks so I would like to spend as much time here as possible. In the future I would like to somehow connect teaching eurithmy with working on a biodynamic farm. I am hoping I can integrate the two and both be organic parts of my life.

ZsBK: Thank you!

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