• Matthew & Kata

Welcoming Timi and Our Elderberry Jam

We are happy to welcome Kovács Timea into our team. Timea has come to us as an intern from her university in Translyvania for two months. She is studying horticulture and plant protection (növényorvos), and is keen to get hands on, practical experience on an organic market garden. Timea has been with us already for two weeks, and is settling in well, and has already helped us look at the plant health of our paprika, as well as getting involved in all kinds of tasks. If you are enjoying cucumbers and courgettes at the moment, there is a good chance that Timea picked them, as this is one of her daily tasks.

Meanwhile, this week we have had two batches of elderberry jam making. Kati, Emese and Timea have been busy this last week picking and preserving elderberries, which you will know are particularly good for boosting the immune system being particularly high in antioxidants and vitamins. They help to relieve inflammation, which is a background factor in many health conditions. Our elderflower jam will become available in the autumn.

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