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                                        How To Start a Box Group?


    Our box delivery program is a means of providing fresh vegetables to customer groups each week throughout the whole year. The system is a partnership, as our customers play an integral role in managing and maintaining the system. Our purchasing groups are typically made up of 20-50 families living within close proximity to one another. 

Purchasing groups are responsible for coordinating orders weekly, and a coordinator is responsible for communication within each group. Each week we send out a box offer to group coordinators, which lists the contents of the week’s box along with its price. Each group coordinator is responsible for collecting orders within the group. Our garden team then carefully prepares each box before it is delivered to an agreed upon location which has been decided on by the ordering group. 


We think of our box ordering groups as partners, as their cooperation is necessary to make the system work. We work diligently to maintain close communication with our customer groups and coordinators. The groups that we currently supply are made up of friends, colleagues and neighbors, or others linked by a common social organization.  


The basic elements of a box ordering group include:
    • Customers: typically 25-50 families living nearby each other
    • Group Coordinator: one person, or a small team in charge of distributing information and collecting weekly orders  from group members, communicating with our team at Zsamboki Biokert, and assisting with distribution on box  

      delivery days


​Group coordinators are integral members of the box delivery system, and their ability to serve as the link between our garden team and the consumer group is essential in ensuring success of the system. We encourage all of our box customers to provide feedback through their group coordinator, and we will continue to work hard to pass on as much information as we can to each of our customers.


If you would like to organize your own box group we encourage you to recruit interest from your friends, colleagues or neighbors. Once you believe you have collected enough of interest in the system, please contact us to discuss the possibilities of creating a new box delivery system for your group.



If you are interested in learning more about the Open Gardens Box System, or organizing your own box ordering group, please send an email to:

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