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Interns on the Farm

At this time of year we really appreciate the extra help we get in the garden from the Cargonómia interns/students, ably led by our loyal friend and colleague, Logan. This week the interns were hard at work bring compost into the polytunnels, hoeing and hand weeding, planting out pak choi and kinai kel, cutting grass and various other tasks, which support our regular farming work. The interns are with Cargoómia usually for 2 or 3 months, and they are here in Hungary to learn about low-impact, environmentally and socially beneficial practices essential to our everyday needs (transportation, farming, housing), but looking at technologies which regenerate and help to blossom, rather than the extractive processes which result from the industrialized, over corporate economy we are surrounded by. The interns come to the farm on a Wednesday, with smaller groups often in the garden on Fridays - come and meet the happy crew!

Source: own photo

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