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Jean-Martin Fournier Workshop

On Monday and Tuesday last week Logan, Csaba and Matthew had a special treat - to take part in a two-day workshop run by Jean-Martin Fortier, the undisputed star of bio- intensive market gardening at Magosvölgy Biokert. JMP is known across the world now for his work on popularising bio.-intensive market gardening, and he has had major influence on encouraging a new generation of young organic growers to take up small scale vegetable growing. He is a great educator, and through the farming model he promotes, he has developed techniques which many new farms have applied and found a way to make small gardening pay - not to grow rich, but at least have the satisfaction of being able to feed a lot of people and make a modest living for themselves. ÖMKI, the Hungarian organic research institute, organised the 2-day workshop, and it was great to participate in this high-energy event - most people came away feeling optimistic and enthusiastic to get back to their gardens, and devote themselves with a new wave of energy, to producing fine vegetables.

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