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We have come to the time of year when many things are happening at once - and although we have the wonderful help of Logan's Cargonómia interns on Wednesdays, and at the moment on Fridays, even so, there are always more jobs to complete than time in the day. However, we are doing really well. Petro Csaba, production manage at Zsámboki Biokert isvery well organised, and always has an up-to-the-minute task list ready to keep people busy and productive. By next week we should have new bunching carrots available, and now week by week, new fresh produce becomes ready to harvest. A lot of planting out goes on at this time of year, both outside in the outdoor permanent bio-intensive beds, and in the polytunnels. We are also making hay, which the sun shines (trying to dodge the rain drops) so we have winter feed for Sári our horse, and other livestock.

Source: Own photos

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