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Biodynamic Agriculture

We believe there is more to life than the physical components which surround us. The farming system we are developing is based on an appreciation of the need to integrate mineral-plant-animal-human and cosmic interactions.  Biodynamic farming is about finding ways to work positively with physical, life, sentient and spiritual forces in a harmonious way.


We believe that our small farm is connected directly not only to our environment, but to the immense cosmos around us.  Through applying biodynamic methods (various biodynamic preparations, planting in recognition of planetary movements) we are able to sensitize the land, the plants and livestock on the farm, as well as ourselves in order to develop a farm organism which has its own intelligence.


The biodynamic methods are based on indications given by Rudolf Steiner early in the 20th Century which have been subsequently built upon by many actors, to establish a conscious approach to farming holistically.  Farming biodynamically challenges us to try to understand the relationships between the physical environment around us (landscape, soil type, geographical location), the elements and elemental forces (earth, water, air, warmth/fire), the plant world (life forces as well as root, leaf, flower, seed), the animal world (sentient forces) and the spiritual world (non-physical, supersensible forces, which include the human spirit).


Working with bio-dynamics is an adventure, as it is a path which is still largely unchartered.  We are striving to find connections beyond the physical world, to bring our farm into a greater harmony. It is experimental and some aspects are so far unproven. It requires that we develop new faculties in ourselves, and new approaches for a non-materialistic science.  We don’t claim to be bio-dynamic experts, but rather students of bio-dynamics – that is trying to understand the basic principles that are the forces behind life, so that we can learn how to direct and connect to these forces.

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