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Szatyor Association

The Szatyor Association is a Budapest based conscious consumer's group. Szatyor has set up a direct ordering system on behalf of local growers who operate in a close proximity to Budapest. Each week produce from Zsámboki Biokert is available through Szatyor's ordering system. 

The Szatyor System is based on a few core principles:

• Supplying food purchased directly from producers
• Providing seasonal food items produced within close proximity (<50km )
• Reducing the carbon footprint of food transport, and the amount of food packaging waste
• Reducing food waste common in supermarkets
• Passing on knowledge regarding sustainable development of local communities

How to learn more about Szatyor: Visit their headquarters on Tuesday-Friday from 12pm-8pm, or their website:

How to get there: Szatyor is located at Gyulai Pál Utca 12, 8th District, Budapest

Opening Hours: Every Tuesday-Friday 12pm-8pm. 

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