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Philosophy of Organics

   For us, organic production is the natural way to farm. Organic production is about maximizing the vitality of the soil and the community of life surrounding it. Healthy, vital soil means healthy, vital plants, and healthy, vital food for people, which is sustainable and productive.


To bring life into the soil we need to work closely with the phases of nature. We are working towards a farming system which is self-sustaining, with our own cycle of nutrients. We compost animal and plant manures, and we apply these rich manures to the soil when they are stable enough to avoid nutrient losses, but still fresh enough to feed life in the soil (microbial life, earthworms, springtails and a plethora of other soil organisms).


By focusing on maintaining lively soils, we simultaneously reduce the need for external inputs, and if we do it well, we reduce pest and disease problems in our crops.  By feeding our soils with carefully prepared composted manures we ensure a stable system, and minimize erosion losses and polluting effects.


We work our land using horses and tools that are gentle on the soil. The fertility of our soils is based on crop rotations, composting and the use of green crops which build fertility in the soil.


Our farm and all the products we sell are certified organic (our farm is inspected by Biokontroll Hungária Kft). This certification process offers security to our consumers that our farming system and our products comply with recognized organic standards.  However, we aim to go far beyond the required minimum for being organically certified.

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