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Our Mission

We want to grow food as a group of people who love the land and love working together, and look forward to how we can involve others who can also benefit from growing food close to nature. We are committed to growing quality food which meets peoples real needs in a way which benefits the earth, its biodiversity, and our community.

For us, organic production is the natural way to farm. Organic production is about maximizing the vitality of the soil and the community of life surrounding it. Healthy, vital soil means healthy, vital plants, and healthy, vital food for people, which is sustainable and productive.

We believe there is more to life than the physical components which surround us.  The farming system we are developing is based on an appreciation of the need to integrate mineral-plant-animal-human and cosmic interactions.  Biodynamic farming is about finding ways to work positively with physical, life, sentient and spiritual forces in a harmonious way.


One of the biggest environmental challenges we face is how to arrange a productive farm that minimizes carbon emissions.  Conventional agriculture and food systems are a major source of pollution and carbon emissions. Organic farming results in  lower carbon emissions than conventional farming, and we try to minimize emissions in the other aspects of our operation by avoiding the use of fossil fuels as much as possible.

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