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It is important for us to develop and maintain close relationships with our customers. The Zsamboki Biokert Vegetable Box Box Delivery system has been established with this in mind. Cooperating with our partner farms, for many years we have been supplying consumers in the County of Pest with many collection points with high quality organic vegetables at an affordable price.


What is the Zsamboki Biokert Vegetable Box System?

  • The Box System provide an excellent system for getting high quality, fresh, healthy organic vegetables at affordable prices

  • The Box System provides a wide range of seasonal, local organic produce, direct from our farms all year round

  • Each week you can buy a fixed box with a selection of seasonal, local organic vegetables

  • As a consumer you will get weekly information on the coming week’s boxes and news about our farms

  • You will receive weekly recipe suggestions for using our local, seasonal, organic vegetables

  • you will be part of a sustainable local food system, and have an opportunity to join in our vegetable community.


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