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Asparagus Quiche


2 buns Asparagus

1 bun Spring Onions

1 bun Green Garlic

1 bun Dill and a few leaves of Sage

salt, pepper to taste

4 eggs

a mug of milk

For the pastry:

Flour (70% wholewheat and 30% white)



little bit of water

Crumble the butter into the flour mixture as much as it stays light and fluffy but the butter reaches all flour particles. Add some salt and then little bit of water. Knead it lightly, be careful not to squash its consistency, it needs to stay light. Bake it lightly in a cake tin.

Slice all the vegetables, herbs.

Mix the eggs in a bowl with a little bit of milk and add the herbs, garlic. Mix it well.

Take out the pre-baked quiche pastry. Sprinkle the asparagus and spring onions. Pour the egg mix over it so it covers all the vegetables.

Put it back into the oven and bake for about 40-45 mins, or till golden.


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