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Gardeners During Winter

What do market gardeners do in winter? 

The answer is all kinds of things, from planning, to looking after the polytunnels (covering and uncovering crops, irrigating now and again, and even knocking snow of the polytunnel roofs if necessary).  Also, we keep a small, but much loved collection of animals (dogs, cats, Sári the horse and a few sheep).  These all need feeding, watering and bedding every day.  Since we heat with wood, keeping the supply of firewood going for several stoves also keeps us busy.  Even new developments can happen in the dark months of winter.  Csaba has taken on re-vamping our workplace lunchbreak kitchen - making a new worktop and reusing an old sink, to tidy things up a bit in the office building.  So what do market gardeners do in winter - anything but twiddle their thumbs!

Source: own photos

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