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Okonomijaki with Purple Cabbage

The okonomijaki is a Japanese food originally, which we adapted to Hungarian. The name itself means 'as you like it'. It so easy to make, you can use anything you have hands on and turn out great. This time we used purple cabbage as we have loads of them.


hal head of purple cabbage sliced thinly

grano, cooking or purple onions chopped into small pieces

courgettes chopped into small pieces

2-3 pcs of eggs

250ml milk or kefír or rice milk

salt, pepper and other spices - green herbal mix, fresh mint, coriander or parsley greens...

flour - as much as the mixture absorbs

a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

Mix all the ingredients well in a big bowl until consistency is a thick fluid. Heat a bit of oil in a pancake dish and add two tablespoons of the mixture, flatten evenly. Once the bottom is cooked until golden, turn it upside down and bake the other half.

Serve with cucumbers, grated cheese, salad mix.

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