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Sári, The Horse

One of the most popular members of our team - Sári Ló - has had a rough couple of weeks. Sári has been a very loyal member of our workforce for over 10 years, and everyone loves to be around her. For those of you who haven't met her, Sári is a "Sodros" horse, which is the traditional peasant breed of workhorse used in Hungarian agriculture - very commonly used until the middle of the 1970's, and since then getting more and more rare. Sári is getting on in years, but still strong and active. Starting a couple of weeks ago she started to have trouble getting up in the morning. We were worried about this, and Petro Csaba contacted a horse vet, who recommended getting her to stand again in the evening, so that her limbs don't cease up over night. This seems to be working - so thanks to Csaba and Emese for patiently coaxing Sári back into good health.


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