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Summer is Here!

We are approaching the time of year when the summer crops are all in, and although we can't exactly take a break, the garden team should be patting each other on the back that we have managed to get this far into the season, with a good selection of vegetables and healthy crops.

Like for everyone right now, uncertainty about the future is perhaps the leading theme. We appreciate everyone that makes a commitment to continuing to buy from us. We have made every effort so far not to raise our prices, which means that effectively our prices are now very competitive, as prices all around us have been rising. We cannot promise not to increase our prices, but we will certainly do our best to be very fair to our consumers, only raising prices where we see this as absolutely necessary, and if we need to do so we will try to give advanced notice. We recognize that this is a difficult period for everyone, but we are certain that the quality of our vegetables mean that the service we provide is very good value.

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