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About Glyphosate in a Nutshell

Glyphosate (trade name "Roundup) is the most widely used chemical in agriculture. It has proven anti microbial effects as well as being a selective weedkiller. It is used almost everywhere in conventional agriculture today, and traces of glyphosate can be found in our soils, in our food, in our blood, in our water supplies, and in cases even in the air. New research (glifozát használatának veszelyei), (toxic legacy) is showing links not just to the damage glyphosate is doing to the human and soil microbiome, but also is being linked to a whole range of chronic conditions, such as autism and ADHD. Glyphosate is owned by Bayer, the huge pharmaceutical company, who bought out Monsanto (the GMO company) in 2018. Roundup/glyphosate should be banned, and has been in some EU countries (e.g. Luxemburg and France). Austria banned glyphosate - the ban should have come into effect in 2020, but pressure from agribusiness has so far stopped Austria implementing the ban (countries banning glyphosate).

Eating organic food is one of the best ways to reduce glyphosate exposure, but none of us can avoid exposure completely as the chemical is everywhere in our environment. The only way to avoid glyphosate is a universal ban. The agrochemical companies are not going to like it, but what is more important: our health and the health of our planet or the profits of Bayer/Monsanto?

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