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About Our First Open Day

Last Sunday was our first in the current growing season of monthly open days. We want to apologise to everybody who experienced any incovenience around the registration. There were some teething troubles with the registration, but we will make sure to get this right for the following open days. The weather was - well, frankly cool, if not cold on the day. People started drifting onto the farm just before 10.00, and by 10.30 we had a small crowd. We started with getting the bogrács going for lunch, and a small team volunteered to chop vegetables and get the lunch ready, while the rest of us went to the back of the garden to weed the overwintered garlic and onions. After a tasty, hot lunch to warm us all up, we had a tour of the garden and the day finished with an adventurous horse and cart ride for the children. The atmosphere was great throughout the day, and we look forward to welcoming the next group of consumers and friends to the next open day on Sunday, May 7th 2023.

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