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Hot Beds and Huge Winds

This week Logan, Emese and Levente finished off preparing the hotbeds for the propagation house. The hotbeds have started to heat up, and we have a good steamy atmosphere in the propagation tunnel. Over the next week we will start up a lot of new sowings, with the hope that we have beautiful, healthy transplants coming along as we need them. Also this week the onion sets (dughagyma) finally arrived after a long wait. We started to plant these in one of the catepillar tunnels.

BREAKING NEWS: unfortunately, the high winds today (Sunday) have caused a fair amount of damage to the garden tunnel structures. One catepillar tunnel has been completely ruined, and the other two are struggling to stand up to the winds. Also doors on other tunnels have been damaged. We are grateful to the help of Bolvári Csaba for helping to secure things down, and mininise the damage. Pray for us not to have any further damage. Thank you!

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