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Our Wildlife Pond

This week I had a lot of fun collecting plants for our small wildlife

pond, which we created last summer, but never had time until now to

plant up. Baji Béla was verykind to help in locating some suitable plants for our pond.

I am farfrom an expert at water plants, so Béla offered invaluable help in

guiding me. What I have understood is that it is important to locate

native plants, which can be found wild in the local area. Many

problems have been caused in wetlands and waterways through the

introduction of exotic species which spread quickly and can choke out

indigenous species. Also the aim of our wildlife pond is to try to

maximise insect life, and by extention bird life around our garden.

Native plant species belong to the local ecosystem, so they have

strong interactions with natural insect populations. I planted a few

sedges and other wetland plants out today, and the pond is now filling

with water. If we get some warm weather now, hopefully the plants

will soon start to grow and thrive.

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