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Regenerative Organic Farming

The Rodale Institute, one of the most prestigious organic farming research organisation in the world have introduced a new Regenerative Organic Agriculture certification standard. What does the term "regenerative" mean, and why introduce yet another trading standard to our food? The best answer lies in their unhappiness with the term "sustainable". If you said to your life partner that your highest ideal was that you had a "sustainable" partnership, would you feel satisfied and reassured about their commitment? Here we understand sustainable meaning "just adequate to keep going". This doesn't sound like the highest level of commitment! The term regenerative brings in the concept that we are continuously aiming to renew and improve things. When applied to our soils, it demonstrates a commitment to maximise life in our soils, which is the best route to soil health and by extension human health.

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Louise Kelleher
Louise Kelleher
26 abr 2021

This is one of the best explainers of regen I have heard!

Me gusta
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