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Szápári Ökofarm

This week we had our annual Zsámbok Organic Garden team outing to visit another organic farm and learn from the experiences of others. We visited the Szápár Organic Farm, which recently won the award for the best-kept family farm and really lived up to its expectations, as it is truly beautiful. But more important than its beauty is the good management of the farm. It's worth watching their youtube video - it's very inspiring to listen to them! The farm is a mixed family farm of 80 hectares (livestock and arable crops). The farm works hard to be self-sufficient in all inputs (seed, fertilizer, wood, etc.) except for gas oil for the tractors. They have their own stone mill, where they grind their own grain (rye, wheat), which they then bake into wonderful bread in their own bakery. Single-site farm-to-mill-bakeries are becoming increasingly popular in France, but are still a rarity in Hungary. We hope more and more farms will realise the beauty and practicality of having it all in one place. Unfortunately, it started to get dark early so we couldn't take too many pictures, go and see for yourself, the place is a must see, their bread a must taste.

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