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The 10-Day Practical Placement

By far the dominating news this week is the 10 day farming experience running at Zsámboki Biokert. We have a group of 30 students, Class 9 at the Újpesti Regionális Waldorf Gimnázium. The students are doing a great job on the farm and getting to have all kinds of experiences they never dreamed of. Digging out foundations for a bread oven, getting wait deep into our pond to try to install an aeration system, harvesting broccoli, weeding cabbages, sowing pumpkins, hoeing lettuces, etc, etc. The students had a bit of a shock at the start of the week, getting used to the primitive living conditions (they are camping in our apple orchard), as well as the challenges of a full day of physical work. The digital detoxification must also be tough for those so to using smart phones and other electronics. We really see the progress and we are very grateful to the students and even more impressed by the teacher who is doing a great job keeping things going.

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