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The Latest Report by IPCC

Alongside the bigger stories in the news, at the beginning of the week the IPCC ( the International Panel on Climate Change), the most respected international scientific body on climate change research and assessment, published it's latest report. Many people are doubtful about climate change, but there is certainly an resounding majority of experts who consider climate change to be a very real and existential threat. The current report warns that climate change is "a threat to human well-being and health of the planet', We recognize that most people don't need yet something else to worry about. The world seems full of uncertainty, and something else to fear doesn't seem helpful.

However, the report offer some hope by stating "taking action now can secure our future". What is significant is a) both the seriousness of the threat to our future, but also b) the opportunity to be able to reduce the threat by rapid and signiicant action. This is the issue we need to be focusing on. What action can we take? Look at the areas in your life where the way you live has most impact on the atmosphere - how much energy you consumer (e.g with your car, through heating) and what you could do to change your behaviour. We all need to make multiple changes now. One of the helpful steps people can take is by choosing local, organic seasonal food, which has the least impact on the environment (growing your own food is a great option by the way! - you really don't need a lot of space - a single balcony, pot can supply surprisingly lot). So, as a regular consumer with Zsámboki Biokert, you are already taking positive action - thank you! This alone is not going to be enough, but if we saw a radical change in behaviour towards more people focusing on local, seasonal organic food, this would make a big different, especially combined with other changes we can all make in our lives.

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