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We are Introducing Our Team: Interview With Levente

A new member has joined us a couple of months ago, it's high time we introduce him to you.

Zsámboki Biokert (ZsBK): Hi Levente! Welcome to the Biokert. Tell us a bit about yourself, your background, how you found us.

Levente (L): Living in harmony with Nature has its roots in my childhood. We did a lot of gardening work with my family in Nograd county which I always enjoyed. I have always known that this is the thing I wanted to do when I grow up. I was educated in Waldorf schools (both kindergarten and school) where we had lots of gardening courses which I loved. We processed a lot of vegetables which we consumed during the winter months. I finished my basic studies at the Szent István University in Gödöllő and I am currently doing my masters in Environmental Engineering. My theoretical knowledge has greatly been expanded during my university years but I do miss the practical side of things. As Zsamboki Biokert is relatively close to my hometown and Matthew is known in the organic movement in Hungary, it was simply practical to join Zsamboki Biokert.

ZsBK: Thank you. What is the greatest challenge now?

L: To see the intertwined connections in the Biokert as this place is a very interrelated hub. To understand the connections in between the different tasks in the garden, the consequences of my actions. I need a bit of time to grasp its complexity. I have acquired some basic skills by now but there is still a lot to learn!

ZsBK: Yes, it's never boring! What is it that you love the most?

L: I enjoy the biodiversity, the presence of the different animals on the farm. This diversity is reflected in the team, too - there are a lot of volunteers from all around the world which is a perfect opportunity to me to sharpen my English. I also love the fact that we produce everything ourselves and we can pass these skills to our descendants. Also, I like the circular economy in the garden - for example we use the manure from our animals in the garden, the garden then produces the fodder for them.

ZsBK: Thank you. What's your aim, what would you like to achieve?

L: My aim is to create an organic farm of my own where animals and people cooperate with each other in harmony with Nature.

ZsBK: Thank you for having the interview with us. Thank you for joining our team and we hope we can give you the foundation for what you would like to achieve in your life!

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