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During Break

In spite of the break in box orders, we have continued to be busy in the garden. We have concentrated these last few weeks on producing lots of delicious pesto and lecso for the autumn and winter months. We have also be at the Budapest Ökopiac each week, and have been glad to offer a good selection of our popular vegetables there. We are also busy in the garden keeping on top of the weeding, and preparing beds and sowings for the autumn and early winter crops. We have even squeezed in the odd trip to the strand and quick trips to the Balaton. We really appreciate the positive spin off from the Covid pandemic - that our skies are still fairly free of aeroplanes and people are taking their holidays much more locally - not burning unnecessary carbon on travel miles - when you can burn in the sun right here, just as well!

We really hope that Covid has given all of us the opportunity to re-think our priorities. We are in no doubt that this should mean (amongst many other things) a real commitment to protecting our environment, reducing fossil fuel use and encouraging biodiversity. One of the best ways of acheiving this is to eat locally grown, seasonally produced organic food - as you all know! Thank you for your commitment.

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