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Heat and Biokontroll

All of us has been tested by the heatwave. Work went on as usual but the heat was intense! We start to see that we need to plan for the future with our watering/irrigation system. This is a general problem for all growers and farmers are having to face. The extreme temperatures, low rainfall, and quickly reducing water levels, we need a national strategy... more of this at another time.

This week we were visited by a member of the Biokontroll which takes place annually to renew our organic certification. On these occasions everything is being checked in minute details whether we meet the requirements of the organic standards. These requirements as for example not using GMO products, not using pesticides and herbicides, all our partners are also certified organic, complying to food safety standards etc. This way our organic certification is renewed and we comply to all the requirements so you can be sure our products are indeed 100 % as claimed.

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