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RAIN!! - Stork-waiting Family Day

Our prays have been answered! Rain - beautiful, gentle, extended rain. We are rejoicing over the fact that the drought has broken, and although we can irrigate, these rains will mean that we have at least one or two cuts of hay for our animals for winter. Also, there is no comparision between natural rain and irrigation water. We have a lot of beds sown with crops, and somehow germination is always much quicker and more even with rain. We also think about our arable farming neighbours, and these rains have saved hundreds, thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of hectares of arable crop. Things were looking very bleak for large area farmers, for whom irrigation is not a choice. We still need considerably more rain to recharge the aquifers, but the rains of this week have really been a godsend.

On Saturday we have taken part in a Stork-waiting Family day at Farmos Birdringing Station organised by Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park. It's been a very interesting day for bog and small. Lots to learn about nature, nature conservation, lots of local producers took part, all aiming at protecting the environment. A few photos about the day:

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