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Stream of Visitors Continued

We have continued to have a lot of visitors this week. On Monday we had a visit from a Danish high school. They are visiting Hungary with their biology teacher, and mostly exploring the national parks in the country. They took time to come and look around Zsámboki Biokert, and we tailored the tour to look particularly at the biological aspects of our production system (permanent bed system, bio-intensive cropping, composting, green manuring, soil fertility). We then had a return this week of 3 young French activist from Low Tech Labs Low Tech Labs (click on this link to take you to their website). They are doing a really interesting and thorough job of documenting, archiving and sharing low tech methods for households and communities. Their aim is to "make you want to live better with less, thanks to the low-tech spirit! We have really enjoyed their visit, and particularly like their approach, that they first observe and help, before starting to document what they see. They found our low tech approach to production combined with selected use of higher technologies an interesting mix. We talked a good deal and agreed that how we organise ourselves and our communities is as important as the individual low-tech methodologies.

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