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Been to Conference

Yesterday Logan organised a visit to Zsámboki Biokert from 50 international agroecological farmers, researchers, students, policy makers, etc. who were all part of the International Agroecological Forum (conference) held this week in Gyöngyös, with people coming from all across Europe to share ideas, experiences and insights on how to move forward and expand the agroecological movement.

Agroecological farming embraces organic farming and in many respects is similar to regenerative farming, but is a broader farming movement with strong roots in south America, parts of Africa and Asia and across the countries of the South. Agroecology is based on 10 practical, working principles (or elements) - check out the FAO link for a detailed description.

Logan, Matthew and Csaba all participated in the forum, and Logan together with Matthew ran a workshop on the challenges and opportunities of self-organised food systems, based on or long-term experience with Zsámboki Biokert and earlier local food initiatives.

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